Discover the Best Trek in Colombia: The Lost City Hike

Discover the Best Trek in Colombia: The Lost City Hike

Colombia is a fabulous destination that offers to its visitors a vast array of outdoor activities that ranges from an exciting visit to any of its cities, soak up at the sun at any of its numerous beaches or explore the unknown in its vast and lush jungle. Certainly, the best trek trails in Colombia is the Lost City hike.  The lost city is a Tayrona’s town hidden among the jungles of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, considered the Colombian Machu Picchu.

Teyuna or the Lost City was a very important settlement of the Tayrona Indigenous, the dominant and majority ethnic group in the zone of the Colombian Caribbean. It stretched for about 30 hectares on the forested slopes of Sierra Nevada, over 1,200-meter height. Constructed towards the year 700 and was home to more than 2,500 inhabitants.

The Spaniards never reach up there, but wars and diseases decimated the Tayronas, who became gradually extinct. In 1600 the city was abandoned and the humid tropical forest took the control over the city. The city spent more than 300 years under layers of mud until 1970, when a group of “Huaqueros” or archaeological looters discovered it by mistake. The best part of visiting the best trek in Colombia is enjoying a fabulous adventure across the lost city hike. Are you ready for this adventure? Check out this post.

The Best Trek in Colombia: The Lost City Hike.

There is no other way to reach the Lost City than walking on open trails across the lush, dark, dense but overall spectacular rainforest that won’t make the trail easy. It’s necessary to walk about 50 kilometres (both ways), across unevenness, crossing rivers that in minutes can double their flow, sometimes under the burning sun and some other days under a heavy rain. As if all that wasn’t enough, you must endure mosquito bites, mudslides and humidity that keeps you all day drenched.

In exchange, the Lost City Hike gives the most beautiful scenery of Colombia. Amazing sunrises in which the sun undoes with delight the morning fog that is entangled at the top of the trees; waterfalls, lush vegetation and villages, home to the Koguis and Wiwas, descendants of the Tayron. Undoubtedly, one of the best trek in Colombia.

After 3-days walking, you will reach the impressive staircase of 1,200 steps that gives you access to the city. You reach the summit panting and dripping sweat and suddenly you will see numerous circular platforms that indicate you that you arrived at the Lost City.

The Lost City

Once in the Lost City, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the ceremonial staircase that goes to the highest area. The highest area is home to the temples and the houses of the “mamos” (priests). As the Tayaronas built their dwelling with natural building materials, there isn’t any of is houses. Nevertheless, you can see the platforms, walls, water pipes and the network of trails. The city has a mysterious atmosphere.

If you reach the top on a sunny day, you must stand on top of the last platform, on the ceremonial zone, and enjoy the breathtaking views. Close your eyes and let the “Jagi Kagui” (Mother Earth) fill you up with its energy.

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