Already know when the best time to visit the Philippines is?

Already know when the best time to visit the Philippines is?

Are you tired of European beaches for your holidays? If so, we propose you to visit the Philippines. The Philippines is a country that has grown considerably in terms of the volume of tourists in recent years. It represents one of those Asian jewels that remain unexplored by European and American tourists, as well as similar countries like Indonesia. However, the usual doubt arises: when the best time to visit the Philippines is?

The answer is simple. The best time to visit the Philippines would be between the months of February and April. The climate of the Philippines is basically tropical and therefore the seasons are divided into two: the dry season and the rainy season. That’s it.

From December to April, the best time to visit the Philippines

best time to visit the Philippines

Between November and December, the rainy season is over and the best months really start to get closer to the Philippines and fully enjoy its incredible landscapes and beaches. Do not be deceived by the temperatures, which in fact in these months are usually a couple of degrees lower in the months of July or August.

However, the risk of rains, storms and various meteorological accidents, such as typhoons, hurricanes, etc., goes down considerably. You will find a climate much more stable and equally warm, and also, less humid. And believe us; the suffocating heat of these tropical countries with 100% humidity is not pleasant to bear.

If your trip to the Philippines pretends to be more relaxing, beach, an all-inclusive, etc … the best thing is that you travel in these months of the year. Otherwise, you are sure that you will have lots of untimely and unpleasant rains.

From April to December, be careful if you are planning to visit the Philippines

It does not have to happen at all. And in fact, the volume of foreign tourists in the Philippines during this time is significantly higher than in the previous months. The European and North American summer is paradoxically the worst time to visit the Philippines, as they are the rainiest and most unstable months in the climate. However, unless you have bad luck, that will only translate into some rainy days or sporadic storms, a classic of tropical climates.

If you choose these months of the year to get to know the Philippines, take first of all waterproof clothing that you can quickly and easily remove from your backpack, especially when hiking or trekking. For everything else, you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of hours to enjoy the turquoise blue water beaches so characteristic of the islands of the Philippines. Some are literally among the most beautiful in the world, so prepare your route well for this Asian archipelago.

This is all you have to know if you do not know which the best time to visit the Philippines is. As always in these cases, what your schedule allows, but if you can choose a few months of the year, do it between February and March. Incidentally, these are the months of the year with fewer tourists, so … have you already packed your bags?

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