The Best Paella in Barcelona: Top 5 restaurants to enjoy Paella

The Best Paella in Barcelona: Top 5 restaurants to enjoy Paella

One of the best pleasures in life is to have a good meal on the beach. As you are visiting Barcelona, a beautiful city by the Sea, you cannot miss the opportunity to try the famous and delicious Spanish Dish, the Paella. Sun, wine, friends and laughs, is the best way to forget the miseries of the world. In Barcelona, you can find some of the best waterfront restaurants in Spain, most of them in the quintessential seaside district, Barceloneta.

Please note that most of these restaurants are busy almost always, so if you want to enjoy a delicious meal at any of them, we encourage you to book a table prior your arrival. Are you ready to discover which are the restaurants that offer the best paella in Barcelona? Check out this post and discover them!

The best Paella in Barcelona

1. El Suquet de l’Almirall

The quality of the paellas of this restaurant is one of the best. Furthermore, after 25 years of history, El Suquet de l’Almirall changed the decoration and its menu to modernise its proposal. Its terrace is perfect to taste one of the best Paellas in Barcelona. Two emblematic dishes for different palates: The first one is the Paella DO Barceloneta, with seafood as the main ingredient, and the other is the Catalan paella, singular and daring, made with squid, crayfish, peas, chicken, sausage and plums. The prices are ok if you are looking for good quality food.

2. CavaMar

The CavaMar features an idyllic location overlooking the beautiful beach of Barceloneta, with a large terrace where you can enjoy delicious tapas, rice, fish and meats at reasonable prices. The seafood paella or the sea and mountain come for about € 14 and, even less for the black rice.

3. Pez Vela

If you love beautiful restaurants, you must book a table at this beautiful restaurant. Beautiful and open to the beach, it offers stunning views of the Barceloneta (the place at the basement of the W Barcelona aka Hotel Vela). Another advantage is the price of its menu, perfect for those who hate last minute surprises: mixed salad + paella (except lobster rice) + bread with tomato, wine glass, water, nougat ice cream and coffee for only €35. Also, you can always take a look at the menu and enjoy a large number of options.

4. Restaurant Can Majó

best paella in Barcelona

With 40 years of experience, this famous restaurant on the promenade of Barceloneta ​​has continued to respect the original idea of ​​the founding father and passing from generation to generation. We recommend you to try their rice with lobster and its great variety of sea starters. In summer it is very nice to sit on its terrace and enjoy the authentic Mediterranean food.

5. Arosseria Xàtiva

One of the great paella specialists in Barcelona. Although they also make great fideuás, on their menu, you will find a large number of rice dishes. This restaurant is very famous in Barcelona, and it’s always full, we recommend you book before you go. The portions are generous, and the prices are ok.

Here our selection with the best paella in Barcelona. Have you ever been to any of these restaurants? Comment!

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