What are the key benefits of having a U.S. passport?

What are the key benefits of having a U.S. passport?

Being an American citizen, if you have a plan to have an international trip, and don’t yet have a valid passport, you surely need to initiate the process of getting one. The U.S. passport is one of the most important ID proofs that come in a convenient book form containing a name, photograph, birth date and other significant personal information required to confirm the passport holder’s identity to the competent authorities. The passport contains a number of pages to record each entry and departure to other countries across the world.

Having a U.S. passport has a number of benefits and those are as follows:

No damaged or lost document

While travelling with important records like birth certificate, a chance of losing or damaging it always remains there. But if you have a passport, you don’t need to carry any other documents. They can be kept at home in a safe custody. And this utmost peace of mind knowing that you’re not going to lose or damage your documents and thus you don’t need to face the unwanted hassle of replacing them upon return is a great advantage of having a U.S. passport in Atlanta.

The convenience of travel

The greatest convenience of having a U.S. passport is the convenience associated with this. The passport is just a single document to take care of all your international tour related concerns. A valid American passport allows entry into most nations across the globe without letting you face any trouble. However, some countries may require you to prove your American citizenship through your driver’s license, birth certificate or any other personal documents. The requirement differs from country to country. But even if you carry such a document, having a valid passport is a must to ensure a hassle-free overseas trip.

Valid photo identification

A U.S. passport is one of the most important documents to ensure a hassle-free international travel. Besides, the passport is the most legitimate form of identification for any other purposes. If you need to furnish a valid photo id to prove your age or your address, the passport is good enough to serve the purpose for as much as 10 years if you were 16 years or older during issuance of the passport. But for people under 16, passport renewal in Atlanta is essential after every 5 years.

No visa needed

Countries that together work with the United States for Visa Waiver Program allows entry to any American citizen with a valid U.S. passport for a particular amount of time without requiring them to buy a visa to travel in those countries. However, they might have different requirements for the passport holders from other nations except for the U.S. This agreement is made between the United States and other nations depending on their high-security standards as well as law enforcement, counterterrorism standard and data sharing. U.S. passport holders don’t need to furnish a visa. U.S. citizens have free visa access to over 100 nations worldwide.

These are a few eminent benefits of having U.S. passport. Contact local Atlanta passport agency (being a resident of Atlanta) to get your passport and reap the benefits mentioned above.

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