Things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day: Kids, friends and solo travellers.

Things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day: Kids, friends and solo travellers.

Barcelona on a rainy day sounds weird, isn’t it? This beautiful seaside city is famous around for its delightful weather year round. Nevertheless, we have to tell you a little secret… sometimes in Barcelona rains and rains a lot. If you are visiting this beautiful seaside city in one of those special days, don’t think your trip is ruined, the city has numerous and fabulous indoor attractions. If you are visiting this beautiful city on a pouring rainy day, we invite you to grab your coat and your umbrella, wear your boots and get up and discover this beautiful city on a rainy day. On this post, we propose you different activities you can do whether you are visiting the city with your family or in case you are exploring on your own.

Things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day: Kids.

Things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day: Kids.


We can say that this museum saves all our days when travelling with kids. The museum has interesting exhibitions perfect for rainy and sunny days. The Forum knows that their main visitors are kids, so it has a program adapted to them in its Family Arts section, within the area called CaixaForum Kids. Exhibitions, educational programs, workshop areas all of them focused to encourage creativity and the imagination.

Ice skating rink

When you believe that kids won’t be active on rainy days, you must remember that there are numerous winter-sports and some of them can be practised indoors. Ice skating for example, and what better way for practising this sport than doing it at the Palau de Gel, home to FC Barcelona’s ice hockey team. If your kids can’t skate, you have nothing to worry you can sign them up for classes.

Barcelona Aquarium

Another perfect thing to do in Barcelona on a rainy day is a visit to the Aquarium which is one of the best aquariums in Spain. The aquarium is home to more than 11,000 animals of different species including sharks and penguins. The best of the aquarium is the underwater tunnel.

Things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day: Friends.

Things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day: Friends.

Escape rooms

Winning a strategy game is always satisfying, and it’s even more if you manage to solve puzzles and find the best solution before time runs out.  Rainy days are perfect for board games but don’t forget you are on a getaway, take advantage of the numerous leisure activities that Barcelona offers. Escape rooms are perfect for enjoying Barcelona on a rainy day with your friends. Solve puzzles and discover the mysteries during one hour of the game.


Barcelona is home to world-class museums perfect for those days when you need indoors activities. Please note that on rainy days most people visit museums, so avoid small museums and try big ones like Picasso Museum. Picasso Museum is big enough for keeping you and your friends entertained for hours. Also, thanks to its convenient location, in the Born, you can also visit nearby boutiques or enjoy delicious meals at a restaurant. The Born is a lively area, with a large number of opportunities during a rainy day.

Things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day: solo travellers

Things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day: solo travellers

Wellness centres & spa

We know that spend the day indoor while on holidays is not what you were looking for. But don’t forget that holidays are not only for sightseeing are also the perfect opportunity to indulge yourself and enjoy a relaxing moment. Don’t worry if your hotel doesn’t have a wellness centre, Barcelona is a city well-equipped.

In the heart of this vibrant and bustling city, you will find a fabulous place where time doesn’t exist. Next, to El Born Market, you will find AIRE, a fabulous wellness centre with ancient baths. Floating baths, saunas, whirlpool baths, steam rooms, massages and aromatherapy, are some of the services you can hire.

Swimming Pools

If you want to swim and do some sports on rainy days you can always visit the indoor public pools of Barcelona. The options are vast, but probably the best are Piscines Bernat Picornell and the Municipal Sports centre in Vall Hebron. Built for the Olympic games of 1992, The Municipal Sports Centre in Vall Hebron not only comes with a fabulous pool but also features fitness facilities and indoor football, volleyball and tennis courts.

As you can see, you don’t have to be upset if you come to Barcelona on a rainy day. The city offers a large number of activities and attractions perfect for those days. Have you ever been to Barcelona on a rainy day? Tell us the activities you did on those days! Comment!

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