Barcelona boat party: Get on board and enjoy the coast of Barcelona

Barcelona boat party: Get on board and enjoy the coast of Barcelona

Summer has finally arrived and to beat the heat, what can be better than enjoy the soft breeze of the Mediterranean Sea? Unroll the towel and soak up the sun on the beach is so yesterday, the ultimate fashion is to hire a cruise and enjoy a fabulous boat ride. But what we bring you today is not only the option of navigating across the sea but also enjoy the time of your life aboard Barcelona boat party.

Have you ever been to Barcelona? If so, you know that is a lively city with impressive attractions. However in summer, nobody wants to wander and discover its interesting landmarks, everyone wants to enjoy the crystal clear waters that bathe the shores of the city. But if you are fed up with unroll the tower and soak up the sun, we propose you the option for discovering the Sea aboard a fantastic boat. Barcelona Boat Party offers the opportunity for enjoying of the coast of Barcelona with your friends in a wild boat party.

Barcelona boat party

The experience includes about 2-3 hours of live music to make sure everyone’s dancing on the lower deck during the entire cruise, drink coupons of beer or sangria and of a lot of fun! But if you need the strength to go party all day long some cruises include a barbecue during the journey and the opportunity to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea.

Cruises for everybody

Barcelona boat party

There are many ways to enjoy the seaside of Barcelona so not all the cruises involve crazy parties and loud music. Barcelona Boat Party also offers a VIP boat experience which consists on a 2,5h sailing trip enjoying the amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea and a Spanish gastronomic experience which includes traditional Paella with bottles of bubbly, sangria, beer and other soft drinks.

If the most important for you is to delight in the cruise and appreciate the stunning views without any distractions there’s the perfect sea trip for you in Barcelona. Orsom Barcelona offers a 1,5h catamaran ride during the sunset with jazz music, so you can focus all your senses on the sunset and on the blue of the sea.

  • Boat enthusiasts may be aware that there are different options to navigate aboard exclusive boats in Barcelona:

The first option is to sail abroad the Jewel of the Mediterranean: the Karya Goleta, a classic wooden boat built in Turkey with the finest materials. There is a chill-out zone and bar service inside the boat to make sure that everybody is comfortable and enjoying the trip. In the official web page of the Karya Goleta, you can choose from multiple tours.

For fantasy lovers, there’s another option: to plough through the water with a Pirate Ship! With Barcelona Naval Tours it is possible to make a Littoral Route abroad the Jolly Roger, an authentic Pirate Ship. You will discover part of the Mediterranean Sea in the most original way.

Nearby areas

Barcelona is not the only destination to enjoy a boat party. Fortunately, there are lots of lovely villages on the Catalan coast where you can do it. One of the most popular is Lloret de Mar­, where boat parties are very common so it’s easy to find any type of boat cruise to enjoy of the Costa Brava:

There are different companies such as Catamaran Sensation and the Catamaran Cruise which offer 3h catamaran cruises through the Mediterranean which includes an open bar of food and drinks and aquatic activities such as Snorkel, water slides and mattresses. There will be music on the boat ride, don’t forget that it’s a boat party!

If you are more interested in sightseeing there’s another type of sailing trip that is more suited to you, for example, the Midday Boat Tour organized by Barcelona Holiday. It’s an 8h cruise that has its origin and destination in Barcelona but goes through the most representative places of the Costa Brava situated near Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar. The tour is totally guided so you won’t miss any detail of any place.

 Seeing all the options that exist, are you still thinking about the usual and normal plan? Make your summer vacation different enjoying of the Catalan Coast partying in a boat! Enjoy Barcelona boat party!

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