Enjoy your holidays in Belarus: The best attractions in Belarus

Enjoy your holidays in Belarus: The best attractions in Belarus

Known as the White Russia, Belarus, a Republic of broad plains, leafy forests covering more than a third of the country and more than 10 thousand lakes, is an intriguing tourist destination to embark on a journey. 207 thousand square kilometres and 10 million inhabitants retain their mystery because it has remained unexplored and absorbed in its shell since the fall of communism. It’s one of the few countries of the former Soviet Union where the statues of Lenin are still standing and KGB services are still used.

With capital in Minsk, Belarus has always been a country dependent on others. However, it was in 1939 that it was already constituted as an independent state. The most characteristic of Belarus is perhaps the great number of revolutions and wars that have played in it, which makes it even more interesting to visit. So, on this post, we propose you 8 interesting things to do and the best attractions in Belarus.

The best attractions in Belarus

Monument to the memory of Lenin

It’s not surprising that the cities of Belarus still have some monuments to honour Lenin’s memory. One of the most interesting monuments of Lenin is in Minsk, the capital of the country. This one is in front of the house of Government of Minsk. In Belarus, most of the cities and villages feature a statue of the Revolutionary leader of the USSR.

Nesvizh Castle

Nesvizh Castle is one of the most important architectural gems of Belarus. This castle belongs to Radziwill of Niasviz. Since 1994 the castle has been considered as a natural, cultural and historical reserve in the whole world. Furthermore, since 2007 Nesvizh Castle is a World Heritage Site.

The castle is connected to one of the most impressive churches to see in Belarus, the church of Corpus Christi. This church contains the coffins of more than 70 members of the Radziwill family. Furthermore, The Church of Corpus Christi was the first baroque basilica with a dome in the world and the first baroque piece of architecture in Eastern Europe.

St. Nicholas Garrison Church

Another fabulous attraction to visit in Belarus is the St. Nicholas Garrison Church. St. Nicholas Church is an Orthodox church that was initially built as a fortress. Its most remarkable characteristic is that it is a basilica full of vaults with a Byzantine style. The edification is fabulous; it’s important to appreciate its numerous windows and the beautiful dome crowned with the cross of St. George.

Courage Monument.

Courage Monument represents the thousands of Soviet soldiers who fought in the wars and revolutions in which Belarus was involved. This monument can be found right behind the church of St. Nicholas.

This immense stone statue of a soldier dominates the middle of Brest. To honour all the Belarus who died defending its ideas, there is an eternal flame and stones bearing the name of those brave soldiers as well as a special area to those who never were found, the unknown heroes.

Kholm Gate.

The Kholm Gate was one of the 4 main doors to the fortress of Brest. From this door, you access to a road that leads to the fort. One of the most striking characteristics of this door is its stunning decoration. Unfortunately, the Kholm Gate was seriously damaged during the war, nowadays you can only see some remnants of it. Nevertheless, Kholm Gate is one of the best attractions in Belarus.

Palace and Park of Rumyantsev-Paskevichi.

In Gomel Region, in Red Beach Village, you will find the magnificent Palace and Park of Rumnyantsev-Paskevichi. It’s one of the most beautiful castles in Belarus. What catches everyone’s attention is its fabulous and well-preserved architecture, from which stands it ceiling painted in green mint.

Mir Castle

Mir Castle is another architectural jewel and a top attraction in Belarus. Located in Mir, this castle was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000. The castle boasts an exquisite Gothic Style and constitutes a fabulous example of the Central Europe Castles. The castle is well-preserved despite having been abandoned for over a century and having suffered the war.

Province Vítebsk

The city of Vitebsk, which is also known as Vitsebsk, is in northern Belarus, very close to the Russian border and has several attractions worth visiting. This site is the capital of the province of the same name and is located in its central part, in addition to being the fourth city in size of the country is also one of the most visited.

Vítebsk has been inhabited since the year 1000 and during its history has been a very important cultural and commercial hub. Nowadays, the city still being an important area for arts and culture. One of the most visited museums is the one dedicated to the Jewish painter Marc Chagall, as Vitebsk is the birthplace of this renowned artist. The house of the artist now serves as a museum.

Here our selection with the best attractions in Belarus! Have you ever been to this beautiful country? Comment!

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