Barcelona’s Underground: Discover the Abandoned Metro Stations in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s Underground: Discover the Abandoned Metro Stations in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s subway, with its 123 km of tracks and 165 stations is the second suburban nationwide and one of the most important in the world. And not for less, since each year its platforms are used by more than 400 million passengers.

As would also be expected in a subway system with 80 decades behind it, there are abandoned train stations, which although they do not have any ghost on its platforms do have a mysterious atmosphere. Do you want to discover the Abandoned Metro Stations in Barcelona? If so, check out this selection.

Discover the Abandoned Metro Stations in Barcelona

Gaudí station (L5)

Discover the Abandoned Metro Stations in Barcelona

The station of Gaudí dates from 1968 and is located near the hospital of Sant Pau, very close to Sagrada Familia. The Station is under Av. De Gaudí, between Lepanto and Marina streets. Those who have visited Barcelona probably have seen it, because for Christmas, or occasionally for publicity campaigns, the city hall lights up the platform.

At the beginning, line 2 was planned to reach Horta, while line 5 was planned to reach La Pau. At the end, the plans were modified and line 2 reached La Pau and line 5 Horta. So, Gaudí’s Station ended in a line for which it had not been projected and consequently stopped being practical. Nowadays, you cannot reach the Platform as it’s a restricted area. The upper levels of the station host the headquarters of the Association of Retired workers of the TMB (Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona).

Ferran Station (L3)

Ferran Station opened its door in 1946 in the vicinity of Liceu’s Station, between Boqueria Market and Carrer Ferran, under La Rambla. In 1968 the platform was dismantled in order to adapt the tunnel to the new needs, so today there is nothing left but the lobby. Finally, line 3 was extended to Drassanes as the station was too close to Liceu to be viable.

Bank Station (L4)

The Bank station is another of the great Abandoned Metro Stations in Barcelona. This platform is on the Via Laietana, between the stations of Urquinanona and Jaume I, under Antoni Maura Square. Built in 1911, before the arrival of the subway and originally intended for other uses, so when the first tunnels were laid out it was outdated and no longer met the necessary specifications, so it did not get into service.

And as it could not be less this station also has its legend. The station is annexed to the ground floor of what once was “The Bank of Spain” in the city. So, it’s said that when the last train stopped circulating on the roads the bank employees used the station to move large amounts of money in a special convoy without attracting attention. This information was denied by TMB, but who knows.

Post Office (L4)

Correos station, like the Bank Station, has its name thanks to its location, under the building of Correos. Unlike the mystery surrounding Bank Station, in this case, the legend is true. The station also served to carry the mail through the city.

The Station opened its doors in 1934, but as a result of the extension works of line 4, it fell into disuse in favour of the nearby Barceloneta station. Closed in 1972, and it’s not possible to visit it. However, there is a grid on the pavement that reveals the original accesses; specifically in the Plaza Antonio Lopez.

Travessera Station (L3)

It’s located between the stations of Diagonal and Fontana, at the height of Travessera de Gracia. It’s a station that never entered service.

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