Fabulous Adventure in Colombia: 5 places to visit in Medellin

Fabulous Adventure in Colombia: 5 places to visit in Medellin

Medellín is not the capital of Colombia, but neither its lively centre nor its incredible cultural offer cannot make you feel that you are in a huge and diverse city. Medellin is one of the most important cities in the country, and for many visitors, it is also the most dynamic of all of Colombia. So, What are you waiting to discover this top location of Colombia? Check out the following advice and enjoy a Fabulous Adventure in Colombia through 5 places to visit in Medellin.

5 places to visit in Medellin

The Metrocable to Santo Domingo

Going around Medellin is extraordinarily easier than doing it in Bogota. In Medellín, the metro is a very useful and efficient way to get from one point to another in the city, but also has something unique that makes it an unforgettable experience. Due to the orography of the city, located in a valley, some of its most popular neighbourhoods are on the slopes of some hills.

Don’t worry, to reach them you have the option to take the Metrocable. The Metrocable is an extension of the metro (the price is the same, as it’s fully integrated) that goes high to reach the areas where the subway could never reach. The neighbourhood of Santo Domingo is an excellent example of this, from there, the views over Medellín are incredible.

The Spain Library Park

After a trip in Metrocable to Santo Domingo, a visit to Parque Biblioteca España is mandatory. Parque España was financed in part by the Spanish Government; it’s a modern building that features programme cultural activities, exhibitions, talks and meetings and which also serves as an energising of the neighbourhood.

Santo Domingo was affected by the conflict that years ago obscured Colombia and in particular the city of Medellin. But fortunately, the years of violence and drugs are over, and today Santo Domingo is safe and friendly.

The Museum of Antioquia

Undoubtedly, this is an attraction that must be included on our list for 5 places to visit in Medellin. For Art’s Lovers, the Museum of Antioch could be considered a world-class museum. This museum features an excellent exhibition of artworks (sculptures, paintings, sketches and drawings) of Fernando Botero. Museum of Antioch and Botero Museum of Bogota are important places in which to enjoy different artworks.

However, in addition to Botero’s works, the museum has fascinating itinerant exhibitions, as well as a fixed collection of modern Latin American art that deserves a visit. The entrance costs around 10,000 Colombian pesos (3.5 euros).

La Plaza Botero

Just in front of the Antioch Museum is the Plaza Botero, named after the crowd of Botero sculptures that the artist donated to the city. The 7500 metres squares are a perfect place to enjoy the active and vibrant city while admiring Botero’s sculptures. Although La Plaza Botero was built in 1999, the 23 sculptures were not placed there until 2002, originally from other cities such as New York, Madrid or Paris. In this way, once again, Medellín turned a somewhat obscure area into a safe and colourful centre.

The Botanic Gardens of Medellín

Finally, we suggest you visit the beautiful Botanical Garden of Medellín. Under the slogan of “The Garden is yours“, the mayor of Medellín built the gardens thinking of the town, its inhabitants and tourists. Therefore the park is a pleasant place to walk around while enjoying nature. The park is a free entrance.

One of its most appreciated places is the “Orquídeorama“. Apart from all kind of vegetation, in the Botanical Garden, there are also small animals like monkeys. Undoubtedly, The Botanical Garden offers a different experience to escape from the hustle and bustle of Medellin.

Bonus: San Pedro Cemetery Museum

Yes, you have read well, the Cemetery Museum. San Pedro Cemetery is the only cemetery that performs cultural activities., In this museum, people leave the fear of the unknown and enjoy impressive sculptures and gargles. San Pedro Cemetery Museum you can see death with an entirely different perspective. Visitors can get there by Metro, getting off at the Hospital station.

Medellin is certainly a fabulous city you cannot miss the chance to explore. Don’t miss the occasion to enjoy a Fabulous Adventure in Colombia through these 5 places to visit in Medellin.

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